5 Asian American Musicians Who Don’t Smoke


Hey everyone!  Dan from Festival team here. We just got back to LA from our trip up to the Bay Area as we are officially wrapped on Heritage SF.  Appreciated meeting so many of you! 5,000+ for an evening of community and arts!  This is the final blog in our series with TobaccoFreeCA. We’re really proud to be partnering with them as being tobacco free has always been important to me and something that I’m proud to share with our audiences.  

As I mentioned in the previous blog, media and music have been huge influences on me - it’s definitely turned me into the person I am today. I’m grateful that my story has led me to becoming a musician full time and sharing my story with those that listen - so I understand the impact of my words.  I’ve never taken up smoking or vaping, but I do know that it’s rampant in our culture.  Social smoking is an issue - just look at these facts:

●       One cigarette a day can triple your risk of lung cancer

●       One hour of Hookah is as harmful as 100 cigarettes

●       Cigarillos have three times the tobacco as a cigarettes

●       Cigars contain all the same toxic chemicals as cigarettes

●       One Juul pod contains the same amount of nicotine as a pack of cigarettes

●       E-cigarettes contain toxic chemicals that may lead to asthma, respiratory infection and other health problems

It’s important that i’ve surrounded myself with other positive musician friends that are positive influences not only on me, but on the fans that they perform to. Here’s a few other artists that don’t smoke and have used their platform to promote positive healthy lifestyles.

●        Mike Bow: Mike’s an actor and fitness enthusiast, but did you know that he’s also a musician? He plays electric guitar and has started posting more musical videos online! He’s one of our favorite guys because of his inspirational motivation to those around him to stick to one’s goals and not give into peer pressure.

●        AJ Rafael: Part of being an amazing singer is maintaining one’s voice. Even secondhand smoke can trigger breathing and cardiovascular problems that could affect future performances and no one wants that, especially him! Most importantly AJ’s a really positive social influence to those around him. He’s one of the friendliest people we know which has drawn tons of friends and admirers alike. AJ uses that positive influence to promote his healthy lifestyle which includes a tobacco free life.

●        Jason Chen: As a musician and fitness enthusiast, Jason has so many reasons to avoid tobacco and/or smoke. He’s good at finding ways to avoid being around any situations where there’s smoke like going on a hike or committing to finding venues (music or clubs) when he goes out that is smoke free. Clean air is important to keep his body and voice in top condition.

●        J-Rod Twins: It’s always easier to keep from vices when you have someone who can keep you accountable for your actions.  Which is why being twins and having a brother that can keep you in check is probably the most ideal situation. Even if you don’t have a twin, finding a close friend that can keep you from giving in to any bad habits will help you stick to a clean path.

●        Cathy Nguyen: Cathy’s a wonderful, positive influence to all those around her - especially for living a tobacco free lifestyle.  As a musician and public figure - she’s always tried to lead a great example for her fans. Not only does she do music, but she’s also working in the health industry - so it’s even more important for her to live a positive lifestyle that reflects her work.



Use the hashtag #NeverJustaSmoke + #TobaccoFreeSummer on Instagram and we’ll select a few of you to win a poster from HERITAGE SF and IDENTITY LA Festivals

Bin Chen