Festival Hosts, Wong Fu Productions talk about our partnership with California Tobacco Control Program at IDENTITY LA. They’ll be joining us this weekend at HERITAGE SF too!

Hey Everyone! This is Dan from the Festival team - back with another blog in partnership with our sponsor Tobacco Free CA. We wrapped on our LA Festival this past weekend, IDENTITY, and are incredibly proud of the results – bringing in over 10,000 attendees to celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.  We had fans from all over the nation (and even some international) celebrating with some of the best names in music, entertainment, food, arts, and culture. 

When we’re at festivals, we know it can be tempting to smoke a cigarette or e-cig because it seems like so many other people are doing it. However, we believe in keeping a smoke-free environment at our festivals because even the occasional smoke can cause health issues.  Just take a look at these facts:

·       One cigarette a day can triple your risk of lung cancer

·       One hour of Hookah is as harmful as 100 cigarettes

·       Cigarillos have three times the tobacco as a cigarettes

·       Cigars contain all the same toxic chemicals as cigarettes

·       One Juul pod contains the same amount of nicotine as a pack of cigarettes

·       E-cigarettes contain toxic chemicals that may lead to asthma, respiratory infection and other health problems

We’re on to the next Festival this weekend and can’t wait to see our friends in the Bay for HERITAGE SF! We’ve got another FREE stacked line-up, some amazing food vendors, and some of the best in arts & culture merchants. 

For those that are joining us in the Bay this weekend we want to continue our conversations about encouraging you to live a #TobaccoFreeSummer. After HERITAGE SF, as you head even deeper into Summer Festival season, there’s going to be a lot of other events, parties, and concerts for you to be checking out.  I’m challenging myself and I want to challenge you too to attend other Tobacco Free events all summer long.  Especially after reading those facts, it’s making me re-think the events and parties I’m checking out.   Sometimes it’s just not worth it – and I’m trying to make more health conscious decisions (especially after dealing with the stress of planning events, hah!) 



Use the hashtag #NeverJustASmoke + #TobaccoFreeSummer on Instagram Story, Post, or Twitter when you come to the Festival to share your #TobaccoFreeSummer. Come to the ISA Merch Booth and show us your post using the Hashtags at the Festival and we’ll hook you up with a Free HERITAGE SF Poster!

See you there!

Bin Chen